By making use of our Services, you agree that:

As our core business offering is technical support and the very work that we do be it telephonic or admin in nature, assists you, our valued client to get on with your day to day business functions, you will be charged an hourly rate of R 595.00.

The delivery and / or installation of purchased hardware and software will be charged for at an hourly rate of R 595.00

Any time spent driving to or from your premises, or driving on your behalf whether it be to or from suppliers, will be charged for at an hourly rate of R 595.00

Our business hours are 08h00 – 17h00, Monday to Friday. Any services requested outside of the aforementioned hours (i.e 17h00 to 08h00, excluding Public Holidays and Weekends) will be charged at the rate of R 892.50

Any work carried out over weekends and public holidays will be charged at an hourly rate of R 1,190.00

The preparation of quotes, if the quote is not approved, will incur an admin fee of R250. This is due to the time spent, the sourcing involved and the technical expertise required to put together the tailored quotes that we provide.
If the quote is approved, this admin fee will fall away.

Any orders that are placed and then cancelled may result in a disassembly fee from our various suppliers and / or a courier charge. You will be charged for these fees upon cancellation of the respective order(s).

The prices reflected above exclude the cost and provision of materials which may be required in the provision of services.